Week 4, DMA144

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. Forgot to convert it last night, one of the first things I did when I got home tonight (before 8pm :D).

Doing a wordpress upgrade to 3 rc2. Site will be offline for a couple moments.. As you can see the menu items still don’t work. I’ll use @nathanrice’s method after supper. And I’ll modify the css to get rid of this horrible font face. Menus fixed, it was a pebkac lol. Off to fix the css now. All done! Finally..

Week 4

To start week 4 off I have my two sketches for DMA179 inspired by Tim Burton. I like his style of drawing it’s very deranged with an emphasis on detail.

First up we have: Middle Aged Angry Dorito Guy

This sketch was based on the Edward Scissor hands piece. I went for long and weird hands. His V like shape was just a coincidence. Doritos popped into my head and I added some dots and light shading and MAADG was born!


Carl The Zombie Lizard

I have a fascination with Zombie’s (who will one day walk the earth!) and this was the perfect time to make a zombie. The lizard part was added after I made a fly and thought of lizards, added a tongue and Carl’s ready to go brain hunting..

My T-Rex Mind Map:

4 Drawings done In Class:
Yes I now see I spelled Sentinel wrong..   Never finished it so I added two stingers to the front..