DMA205: Nissan Project October 13th

Just finished adding the 3 buttons Andrew assigned on #tedfordtuesday! Not sure where he got the copy from will keep searching and update this one if necessary. It’s really simple to change..

DMA205: Nissan Project Updated

Realized I was doing the radial gradient all wrong… Was suppose to be part of the background, duh. It’s finished and uploaded on artXed:

Now to work on Aviva’s stuff just like last week… ugh..

DMA205: Nissan Project

When I left class the project was 90% complete, just finished adding the final touches. to take a look. P.S. don’t bother trying to steal my source I password protected the .swf file with over 40 random characters ๐Ÿ˜‰

You might want to click this link as well..

Now to concur aviva’s typography project.. ugh…