December 2011

Time flies when your working.. I can attest to that! That’s one of many excuses I am sticking to for the lack of a November post.

Nothing too radical has happened from October to now.. I was planning on going to FlashinTO for November but alas none of my other friends went so instead I prepared for the company holiday party. Never wore a bowtie or played roulette until that Thursday night..

Been keeping busy with my internship at BabyRobot. If you didn’t click that link then you wouldn’t have seen the new splash page that I got the honour to upload ๐Ÿ™‚

Going to introduce some new items to talk about each month, like what music I’m currently listening to non-stop, and some new pictures for now..

For December I am digging the new Justice Album, I probably play it way too much. My LastFM tweet on Monday reflected that: Justice (86). Audio, Video, Disco is a lot different than Cross. Correction, it’s not a lot different, it’s like a change of genre! Although I do love it. Right now the song I have been humming is New Lands, it’s almost as if it was made to hum..

The picture that stands out the most in the past two months is something that happened on Monday. My ’99 Civic Si reached the 300,000 km mark! I was on Kipling Avenue on my way to Kipling Subway Station when I saw the kms at 299,999. Turned onto the nearest road and drove down it and half way back when it happened ๐Ÿ™‚ Pulled over, turned off the engine (the legal way), and then snapped this picture:

Great things happening in 2012! Hope everyone has a great Holiday!

Week 9.5 or was it Week 10?

I think everyone would agree that after 11:40am on Monday things got a lot easier. Having finished Zoidberg and adding some simple shading to him with the help of @AMuseMeDesigns and @enochmlchan I was very happy to learn more about photoshop. I’ve taught myself Photoshop over the years; mostly by trial and error. The odd time I’d and still do surf over to Pixel2life or Spoono and see what new tutorials they have. but mostly I just messed around with it. The same goes for computers, html, php, and wordpress.. There is one thing that I never knew though and I was actually happy to learn; that you can make gradient strokes! The Penguin Kombat Artwork for DMA155 has not one but two gradient strokes!

Tuesday was good. Missed most of Fred’s class to work on Slaven’s cube assignment. I’m done, just have to print it off and put it together which will probably take place tomorrow or monday before dma188. Still looking for ads for this coming tuesday, shall be interesting. After dma133 Jessie, Enoch and I went to the Tel Caf which is 10x better than Seneca’s imo. The pizza actually tastes like it should and when you get the stir-fry it doesn’t have pasta noodles. Also pop is 25 cents cheaper! Earlier that week Enoch had started using his twitter account, and followed @andrewTedford, the next day Andrew was following him. I knew that he was following Jessie and some other people and found it odd that he wasn’t following me. Actually it wasn’t odd I was pretty pissed; I followed Andrew on the first or second class we had back in May. So I stopped following him and 30 or so minutes later I followed him again. I hoped Andrew didn’t hate me or something… Of course while this was all going on everyone else was laughing but meh.. As luck would have it Andrew came down to the Tel Caf to get a coffee and a donut from Tim’s. Jessie said hi and he sat down with us. Shot the shit for a bit and talked about movies / tv shows. Then he asked if we would be interested in coming to the Mix & Mingle Chit Chat Party on Thursday. My day was open so I said sure as did the others. The part about twitter etiquette came up and Andrew said that he follows every student that follows him. Enoch burst out laughing, Jessie was laughing as well but not as ecstatically as Enoch. Andrew follows me now, so mission accomplished ๐Ÿ˜‰ And he tweeted about it as well: “man i behind on my follow’s ( ..LOL … @joemittler)”. In dma179 we got to paint with imitation vanilla after watching a crap load of youtube videos while Andrew was out getting the vanilla and small shot like glasses to put some in for everyone. My menu looks pretty good, Have to scan it still. It’s on my to-do list..

Wednesday was really good because I didn’t have to sit in psy204 bored to death, instead I got to work in the lib on the first part of our assignment and chat to people. I only got a couple things done, I finished it all at around 11:50pm last night.. All in all it was good ๐Ÿ™‚ DMA144 was as always the highlight of the day. Adrian pushed back the one minute video due date to the 28th now. Ours has been done for over a month now. Tweaks are ongoing though. Speaking of that if you haven’t seen the trailer for Murder Drive yet, then what the hell are you doing here go.. WATCH IT NOW!

Came to Seneca on Thursday semi-dressed up for the Mix & Mingle Party on Queen Street. For a change I parked at Kipling Station. At first I thought you just got a ticket and paid when leaving. Sadly that wasn’t the case. My Civic is so low I had to get out of it to put in my pre-paid credit card to pay $5.00 for parking, cheaper than I thought it was going to be and I found a great spot.. Waited what seemed like a hot and sticky eternity for Jessie to show up. Since I would have gotten lost on my way to Seneca she offered to meet me @ Kipling. I would have done the usual where I park @ square 1 and grab the go bus to York. But it stops running @ 11pm I think and I doubted I’d make it back in time. Got to Seneca around 12pm ish and grabbed lunch at the Indian place in York Lanes. Finished up Penguin Kombat artwork and all + a lot of procrastination and talking to others who were frantically trying to finish up their movie / game projects. Made our way to the Mix & Mingle, we left a little after 5:35pm and we were a little late. As usual though even being 10 or so minutes late there are always others who are really late.. For the most part I understood what the industry professionals were saying. Me being quiet I asked some questions and answered some too.. One thing I learned is that we’ll be using dreamweaver to learn basic html 4 next semester and that we need a great domain name. I guess isn’t good enough ๐Ÿ˜€ I have others thankfully but I’ll pass that bridge when I get to it. Being me I like to get a couple beers down when I get there to help me losen up like Raj from the big bang theory only I don’t have a problem talking to women.. In the end I had four over the four or so hrs I was there. So far I’ve done one thing I’ve never done before which is ride a street car. Next is the hippo bus, saki, and drunk karaoke.. Grabbed an Iced Capp before getting on the Street Car which was sooo good. We almost missed our stop but thankfully Enoch remembered lol. Jessie put her name tag on Enoch and no one told him about it until after we left him on the subway. I tweeted about it too and he’s going to get Jessie back.. lol, I hope he doesn’t do anything to me, my only involvement was snapping some pictures. When I got back to Kipling Station my car was one of only 15 left in the parking lot. Driving home felt a little different, I wasn’t drunk or anything it was just a tad weird. I changed gears like it was nothing and it sounds soo cool ๐Ÿ™‚ I enjoy ripping it in 1st getting it to 5500 rpm where it really kicks in and then quickly shift into 2nd almost every time I can make it chirp. I love that so fun hehe…

This coming monday will be interesting as Joe should have our marks for dma101 and dma188. I hope Zoidberg is up to his standards.. We get to start working on our next assignment for Fred’s class too the final one. I hope we do something that doesn’t involve a Penguin, we’ve pretty much used that idea into the ground imo of course.. I’m off now to finish up the removal of a frame on a website for former boss man. It’s a simple task but I’m sure he’s going to have some changes to the pages as he’s closing it down shortly and the labels are being assholes to him too. Pretty sad that all they care about is money and not the focus of the project; helping charitable organizations raise money.