DMA233: Project 3 – Typographic Poster Almost Finished

Finished all three posters just now with 40 minutes to spare ๐Ÿ˜€

Since I forgot the one posted below at home I re-did it. Wasn’t too hard to do and of course I made improvements..

For this project the obscure word I used was Sciamachy which means fighting with a shadow, or with an imaginary enemy. Really funnai if you ask me!

Here they are:

Time to relax..

DMA204: TEL Building Tour

Did my TEL Building Tour photos two weeks ago. Added all of them (14) to a gallery on Thursday while being a lab monitor in the A/V suites. Just now getting around to posting them.

Instead of putting all my pictures into a post here I imported them into a gallery. Which can be seen below:

Feeling well rested from almost 12 hours of sleep I’m ready to conquer Aviva’s stuff and hopefully get a start, if not finish the next project for photography..

DMA234: Bonefish Art Gallery Mockups

I was finished earlier until I read the version 2 pdf. Made the appropriate changes and it’s finally done. I had fun working on this project, used a lot of skills I learned this semester so far plus a lot I learned at my previous job. Also I’ve added watermarks because I can…

Here are some more pictures of changes I made in class: