DMA101: Compound Paths

I would just like to point out that I love compound paths.. That is all.

Week 9

This week has been a crazy week. First off on Monday Joe B. cancelled both 101 and 188. I came even though I read the emails; just to complete the game assignment for dma155.

Flash required
The final product came out great after a couple tweaks to the reverb. I love how Gerard gets his ass handed to him… twice :P.

In dma133 the new professor is a hard ass. I find it pretty funny that anyone over 5 minutes late was told to come back in an hour. Richard gave us our assignment told is how to do it and we were then let go. I guess Richard was in a good mood that day because he let the other group back and taught them the same thing.. The funniest part is if he kicks you out of the class you can go and complain to Joe B. all you want because he doesn’t care!! I’m starting to like this new professor after only one class! That reminds me I should work on that cube project he gave..

We got the skateboard final assignment in dma179. I think it’ll be cool, something that can be used in my portfolio. Jessie found a website online where you can get blank skateboards for $20 with shipping.. I’m glad I got my order in quickly because you can only order them in packs of 10.. Tomorrow Jessie and I are going into toronto to take some pictures of skateboards and try to get a feel on what we should do for our project. I have some ideas but I’d rather not share them at this time because one of them is awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

Nothing special happened in psy204 other than not having class next week.. We chose our groups, and topic as well. Asbergers is our topic. Hmm.. the spell check says thats spelled wrong. After a quick google it turns out it has a p after the as part.. Weird.. So our topic for psy204 is aspergers, should be fun since the main character on Bones has it and so did Jerry from Boston Legal.. Oh and Enoch you can stop laughing now ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing too exciting happened in dma144, the colour correction we already knew but I did finally learn the price of Arizona from the Seneca cafe, $2.70. Pretty cheap for a glass bottle and my one weakness being its contents.. I oh so love the Arizona Lemon Tea… I could go for one right about now.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… arizona..

During our makeup class on thursday Joe B. gave back our midterms in 188. I am happy to say that I’m one of the 8 that did pass. Granted a 56% is nothing to be jumping for joy about but being as only 8 people passed… In 101 Joe B. showed us some other ways to trace our person, and do gradient meshes. I haven’t done much on Zoidy today as I worked the soundboard for a funeral and setup 2 computers + installed printers and software for most of the afternoon, evening.. It was a loong day but I love doing it! I’ll work on Zoidy more tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the finale of true blood season 1!

Website notes: As with every month I’ve changed the header to one of the funnier pictures I took during the dma179 toronto outing. This month’s is of Mike Wholee Meat.. heh, funny stuff. Also I will be adding more links to the Seneca link dump widget I have.. finally. Been meaning to do it for a while now just can never be bothered..

That pretty much sums up week 9, I’m off to grab some more water (sadly not an arizona) and watch the fianle of true blood season 1. Yes I know season 3 is already on, I’m slowly catching up..

Logo Idea

So it’s 2am and I just finished making a rough draft of the Mom Co Logo a joke on Apple’s logo. I wonder if Joe B. will let me use this for my final project. I’ll of course make it better and create tons of cool backgrounds with it like you see of the apple logo ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyways here’s what I was able to whip up: