PHP Calculator

So I was bored earlier this week and tweeted that I had finished the calculator for dma322. Which is available here:

I was going through some files to try and free up space 20 minutes ago and remembered I had attempted to make my own calculator a couple weeks ago. Opened up the file and made it work! Give it a try ๐Ÿ˜€

Update on February 12th: On Monday I came up with a fix to mostly everyones problem with using header location in the calculator script. Meta refresh! I actually walked over to Crisp and told him I had a fix that is working for everyone I’ve helped so far. So he let me add it in on his computer. After that he asked what I knew about php and other things that we will be learning in his class. I know them all, and have installed them at one time or another. Showed him my picture site that I haven’t updated in ions. He liked it and the design I used from zenphotos vast selection of themes.. When I say vast I mean few.. I wish they had themes like WordPress does.. But meh. As far as I know I’ll be getting an advanced standing in dma322 and will be the only lab monitor. Not sure if I have to wear that horrendous lab monitor shirt or not. Hoping I don’t have to. Then there’s the question of compensation, not sure what’s happening with that either.. All will be revealed Monday!