Monthly Headers

In every site I run I like to have something that changes from time to time. For I went with header backgrounds changing monthly. I take hundreds of photos every month with my iPhone and Canon EOS Rebel T1i..

May 2010
The first photo header was of an Arizona Lemon Iced Tea can. My favourite flavour from Arizona.. Sadly I will have to hunt around for it, but I have the others.

June 2010: The month my MacBooks battery was bulging. Little unknown fact the trackpad didn’t work and I was wondering why. It all made sense afterwards..

July 2010: This image was taken when 2/3rds of the class went downtown to do our DMA179 Super Morlock Adventure Quest.

August 2010: Ah yes the “Go Away” welcome mat, saw that when we first went to Marcor to get our Skatedeck designs printed.

September 2010: Before Semester 2 started Enoch and I were informed when orientation was. So we did what anyone else would do.. Crashed it!

October 2010: After going to Kensington Market for DMA204 I found this picture and knew it was perfect for October.

November 2010: I was on my way to York Lanes and I noticed this awesome emoticon that I’ve seen before on the internet. Snapped a picture and blamo. History was made..

December 2010: Walking back to Seneca from The Village. I had seen these graffiti heads before in the dark but in the light they were priceless..

January 2011: Using my new Canon EOS Rebel T1i I took pictures of my X-Mas gifts, this Twinings Tea Holiday Collection was one of them. A picture of something I can’t go a day without surely garners some praise..

February 2011: Again using my Canon EOS Rebel T1i I took pictures of my Cube PC, got some awesome pictures and this was one worthy of posting. Also got some compliments on it from College friends.. I’d be a moron to exclude this as February’s header image..

March 2011: During the “snow day” back in early February I took my Canon EOS Rebel T1i and snapped some pictures of a local phenomenon.. Please note I did not kill the squirrel it was electrocuted by the power lines.. I was zoomed to the max with the lens.. This suites March because it’s suppose to be a teeth chattering month.

April 2011: While experiencing some pretty nice weather outside I helped my Dad trim our apple trees. I brought my Canon along and snapped a lot of good photos, I like this one the best. I needed something better than last months, the overall consensus was that I was crazy to add a picture of a dead squirrel to my site. I still find it amusing.. kill joys.




May 2011: After being awoken at 1:45pm, I was informed that my parents were getting things ready for summer, one of them was to clean out the gutters. Not only did I do that but I helped install these new gutter guards so we don’t have to get our huge aluminum ladder out and clean them every year. I took this months picture as I was installing the gutter guards, and found it fitting for the summer.




June 2011: While cooking steaks on the BBQ I had my DSLR with me and took many pictures. For June I chose a picture of the fence in my backyard. It’s bulging because the neighbours trees are growing into it.




July 2011: Taking a break from doing homework on a Monday I took some pictures of my backyard. I don’t know why it took me so long to get a picture of our hose holder rusting, but it did.. It’s over 50 years old!




August 2011: During a hot summer day, in early July I took tons of pictures of our raspberry bush. This months header is called “Raspberries in July”. Our season for raspberries is now over, the strawberries however are back for round two!