Good for another 8 years

With GoDaddys recent downtime people were again jumping ship. I however wasn’t affected. I know their hosting isn’t the greatest so I host my stuff elsewhere. My domain was up during the outage, never had a problem. Then two days ago they sent an email to all their customers offering a 30% discount on anything.. Renewed for another year and since this domain is expiring I did the same…. But not for 1 year, for 8! Which takes me to September 22, 2020. It’s not like I’ll ever be getting rid of this domain, eh!
Quick update: Went on a renewal rampage heh, just renewed for another year!

Have you heard about i will Kill you if? It’s a thing we use to do in college, so one day I decided to make a website out of it one day in Crisp’s class. It was really only used by a couple friends and a couple guys from BabyRobot.. I made a WordPress beta version, which was cool but the site never really went anywhere.. But that’s about to change! I’ve decided to scrap however the site is done now and start over. Now I just need some motivation to do it!

Was thinking about the good ol’ days of blogging and decided to start putting down what I’m “doing”. I called it my doing script.. One of my first. Fairly simple stuff, I think initially I used a flat file but later moved it to a MySQL db.

Listening to: Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty
Doing: Renewing domains
Eating / Drinking: Water

Until next time..

Visit to Ireland

As many of you know I recently visited Ireland to meet my friend Kevin O’Sullivan. Kevin and his girlfriend Sinead picked me up from my Ryanair flight to Knock airport which is the smallest and first airport where I had to walk up stairs to board the plane. The flight was short, only about an hour long. It was good minus the 3 kids behind me kicking and screaming.. Immigration was crazy, they asked me why I was visiting, where I was going, staying and when I was leaving. But once that was over they stamped my passport and I was on my way!

After stopping at Sinead’s parents house for supper our first stop was a decrepit castle called Roscommon Castle, the scenery was perfect. I took about 30 pictures with my iPad and they turned out great!

Made the long drive back to Waterford and got a late night snack. I don’t remember the name they used but it was a deep fried hotdog and some chips. Note: French fries in Ireland and London are called chips. Very tasty with a couple beers.

The next morning we visited the major tourist attractions. First up was House of Waterford Crystal, and then Reginald’s Tower. Had supper at Kevin parents’ house which is called Cliffhouse. Kevin’s parents were eager to meet me, which was cool. Even though I couldn’t fully understand what his Dad said some of the time.

On my final day we stopped by Cliffhouse and then off to Tramore’s beachy areas. Got a lot of great photos from that. Dropped off Sinead and drove to our final destination Dublin. When we arrived it reminded me of Toronto’s traffic jams. We slowly made our way to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour. It was great we got to sample fresh Guinness and pour the perfect pint of Guinness, and enjoy it too! Then it was off to Dublin’s Airport to catch my flight on AER Lingus back to London.

While recovering from Jetlag I made a simple gallery script to make things easier. I currently only have Ireland’s photos up and you can see them here:

Quick Update

I know, I know it’s been almost 4 months since my last post.. Let me summarize everything that’s happened since.

I got hired full time in April whoop whoop. Continued to plug away at a large brand’s website redesign. Launched all 4 of their brand sites and currently still working on their master site. Got invited to my cousins Wedding in London UK and I leave today; more on that later. At work they tore down two walls to make more space, moved to one of the new desks with an ikea leather chair, it’s the best.. Asked about possibly getting a third monitor and Leigh said sure. Josh wanted it too but I asked first. Snooze ya loose ๐Ÿ˜€ Bought a new MacBook in late June after Apple refreshed their laptops. I opted to not get the retina version, since I might get one as my new work laptop! Still waiting on that..

Moving onto my vacation for 1.5 weeks. It started today and ends next friday. I’m leaving for London tonight and will be purchasing a cell phone when I get there, so for anyone who might want to meet up I’ll give you my cell number soon.

I have made a new section on the site for my vacation, in the next couple of days expect to see a new navigation item for that. I plan on taking lots of pictures and writing a bunch while I’m there.

Looking forward to going, pretty much done packing just letting some things charge before my aunt gets here in 20 minutes. Until my next post I leave you with this hilarious picture.

Wow it’s March..

What the?! Where did my monthly posts go? No where, because I never wrote them! heh. But I am writing one for March (finally). Work has kept me very very very busy. Many weekends and sleepless nights spent on this one project. Someone jokingly said it was my initiation…. I am so happy it’s finished. Words cannot express how I feel! I have never had a project like this. Yes I know I am being vague oh so very vague. But those NDA’s are iron clad!

For one of my new projects I get to make a WordPress site from the ground up and I have free reign on how I make it. Sooo it would only make sense to make a child theme and use all the new (relevant) WordPress features. I am loving custom post types. I knew of them before but now I understand them. Thinking about it now I might use them on this site. Could come in handy ๐Ÿ™‚

There were some posts on Facebook today about Slipknot. That for me is an interesting subject. Not too many people know this but I was a staff member on one of the largest Slipknot fan sites about 6 or so years ago.. Oh the memories.. Dealing with php code issues, helping setup the site on a new server, and going frame by frame on the Before I Forget music video to get a clear picture of Shawn (Clown) Crahan. Are just some of the things I did.. The only downside to all this was me freely giving my aim username on the site. I got so many random people asking me to make stuff for them. Mostly I either kindly said no or never responded.. I really have to stress the so many part..
Of course I am a huge Slipknot fan, probably one of only a few who still has not seen them live in concert. I should probably get on that! Even though Paul Gray is gone, may he R.I.P.. They will always be my favourite death metal band.

That’s all for this month, catch you next month (if I feel like it).. Going to end this off with 0b11010.

Just thought I’d make a quick post for anyone living under a rock, and doesn’t know that as of 8:30pm tonight launched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2121212131313111one….. The site itself (my internship) has been done for quite a few months now, it’s just content and wp-e-commerce, that was holding it back.. But all that’s changed! Now back to work work….

Relaunch of

After a good three hours of work tonight I am excited to relaunch! It was a just a couple months ago when I was hit with some nasty malware that infected every php file on the account. Resulting in me deleting everything, and putting up a temp page explaining the situation.

Since then I have sifted through about 10 or so backups, and piece by piece uploading everything. I even got my Semester 3 Oakley Sunglasses flash project back!!

Why are you reading this second last sentence? You should be on go go go !!