10 Days Later…

My mistake about 9 days I should have realized this earlier. I assumed my dashboard calendar widget was correct when it said August 29th. But it has been 10 days not 9.. I’m also glad that wp.ly’s yourls plugin still works too!

My site is finally back! Just got it restored this morning.. So very happy there was no data loss! You may now return to your regularly scheduled web surfing..

My Semester 1 Work —>

DMA101: Illustrator 3D Pictures

Joe B. had us make 3 illustrator images that had different 3d elements.
Here are mine:

If I had to choose a favourite it would have to be the momPod. If you don’t get it, watch this season of Futurama..

DMA155: Final Project

This by far has taken the longest to complete for Fred’s class. We did our project on clips of Wall-E from youtube. Overall It came out very well. Here it is:

Week 11: Skate Deck Design

No longer will you have to read my long posts because they stop today. Still Debating if I should keep them or not.. Most likely they will stay but who knows what the future holds? If you do know plz tell me 😉

Finished my skate deck design last night. There are three characters in it. The main is Sedric the Vampire Sunflower. His cousin Sandeep the Vanpire Sunflower and the Were-Mower are the secondary characters. The Were-Mower is attacking Sedric; both Sedric and Sandeep are doing a sunflower seed air strike.

–> The rest of the production photos.

Design Elements:

Name: Beside Sedric’s Stem.

Vector Elements: Sedric the Sunflower, Sandeep the Sunflower, and the Were-Mower aka Moe.

Raster Elements: Grass, Sky for Background.

Typography: Self-creative.

Texture: The Blood Drops were made with water colour paints, and were later touched up in illustrator before being added as a symbol for easy duplication.

Branding Theme: Tru Boards

Asperger’s Presentation

Here’s a link to our Asperger’s Presentation: Asperger’s Syndrome

Take the Asperger’s Test: http://wp.ly/aspergers

Post your score from the Asperger’s test in the comments or on Jessie’s Blog.

Week 10: Vanilla Menu and Happy Kids Meals Pictures

Below you’ll find a vanilla painting we had to do for a restaurant. As well as two drawings done yesterday for happy kids meals.