DMA423 – Week 13

For this final week I sent out our last survey. I apologize for the mess up on the first email, selected the wrong template. We also prepared for the final presentation next class. I’m so not looking forward to that, but hopefully if my group shows up on time we can present before the rest of the class decides to show, if they plan on that is…

DMA423 – Week 12

Class was cancelled so nothing to really report. I did show up and worked on my internship and Book Aid.

DMA423 – Week 11

Created a new template in Mail Chimp for the surveys Jessie and Megan created. Looked over the test survey Jessie sent me and made the appropriate revisions.

DMA423 – Week 10

Finished setup of the MailChimp newsletter and sent it out to everyone in our class, after a couple of test runs to make sure it worked..

DMA423 – Week 9

Created a template for our email campaign using MailChimp. Copied our “Rock Your Vans Gear! Giveaway!” contest copy from tumblr and integrated it into the template.

Here’s an image of the final product:

DMA423 – Week 8

Signed up for Mail Chimp, started working on a sign-up form and the email template.