DMA455: Tutorial

This coming Tuesday which is the last Tedford Tuesday of all time, we have to present our final projects. We were allowed to do it in groups, so Josh and I decided to work together. Spent about 6 hours this past Tuesday working on it, finished it off on Thursday and I have to say it’s a work of art! A friend I showed it to said it was “trippy” heh.. Here’s the link: Be advised there is a lot of Deadmau5’ness!

To view our tutorial head on over here:

Flash will be one of the classes I’ll miss, it’s a good program I plan to continue learning.

DMA455: Hype Framework Art

On Tuesday after making more awesome art, Andrew Tedford asked us to post our four favourite pieces. I’ve made so many that I can’t get it down to four. So I have six!

DMA455: Butterfly Wine Label

For this second project we had to take the output from the hype framework and incorporate it into a wine label. Finally put the label on a wine bottle made in illustrator or 3ds max.

I did mine in illustrator, chose a Cabernet Sauvignon since most people used Merlot.

Here’s my gallery of pictures throughout the production process:

DMA455: Project001 – Butterfly

For this first project we had to use the hype framework and butterflies to generate art. Here’s what I made:

I got the butterfly images from google. Links to all three:
1st Butterfly, 2nd Butterfly, 3rd Butterfly

Ran into some issues as well, flash sort of freaked out and started copying two images I had loaded into the library. After I restarted flash I got a lot of errors when trying to preview the swf.

You might also want to check out my other work from yesterday and earlier this week.

DMA455: Arizona Jim Backgrounds

Was playing around with the Hype Framework when I got home. Still trying to figure out how to get an image to display for the swarm section, but I did however get Arizona Jim to follow my cursor :D.

Then I made some backgrounds! In various colours, currently they are 1920×1080 only, but if there is a demand I can resize.

UPDATE on May 15th @ 3pm — Arizona Jim Strikes Again!

UPDATE 2 on May 15th @ 9pm — In leu of LimpBizkit’s new single release titled Shotgun, I made some Backgrounds!!