DMA433: Book Aid

I’ve been meaning to post about this but only now do I have some free time. For my final project in a condensed DMA433 with Peter De Souza my “world-changing idea” is a web service where you can post and view textbooks.
The naming process took a good two or so hours. After writing a long list of names I knew that most of them wouldn’t work and that the .com’s would most likely be taken. So I took a different approach, if I couldn’t get the .com how about the .ca. For most they were taken as well but not It was at that point I knew the name of my web service. I liked it because it is short, and to the point. Right after picking up my sister from work I registered the domain, while at checkout there was an offer for a ssl certificate for $1.99 extra. Seeing as it might come in handy I got it.

Selecting an engine or content management system to aid was a no brainer, WordPress! There was however one problem, how am I going to parse posts. I can execute php through WordPress, but it can be a pain. So I went to the plugin repository and did a fair amount of searching. I figured if there was a plugin out there it would probably be paid. I came across Formidable, did some research into how it works and it was exactly what I was looking for ๐Ÿ™‚

Finished Book Aid over a couple of days and ran beta testing this past weekend, after many internal tests which qualify as my alpha stage. The feedback I got was overall excellent. I added a couple of extra fields and made a minor textbook listing change. On Monday I was almost ready to launch. I had just one thing left, getting the ssl certificate to work. A lot of Monday was dedicated to getting that sorted out with my gracious host and the ssl certificate company. After that it was go time! I copied all the files from the development site to the public_html directory using one of my favourite commands in ssh cp, which stands for copy. I had to use the -R (recursive) to get all the folders. Then it was a matter of modifying the database entries to reflect the url change, dump it to a new database and we were live Tuesday morning.

If you haven’t checked out Book Aid yet, what are you waiting for?? When you come back please clickity clack that like button on Facebook. Currently I need 3 2 more likes to get a custom url, so keep those likes coming! While you’re at it follow Book Aid on Twitter! If your lucky enough to have a Google+ account you can add Book Aid on there as well. I have invites if anyone wants one ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading and if you still haven’t checked out Book Aid yet, go after the end of this sentence.