DMA423 โ€“ Week 7

Finalized and launched the Facebook page. Contributed to the Deal Sites proposal.

DMA423 โ€“ Week 6

Fixed an issue I noticed when we launched our custom facebook page. The page was bigger than 520 pixels. I tracked it down to the fb-root div and removed it. Adding a line to the css to make it 500px didn’t change anything..

DMA423 – Week 5

Worked on finishing up the facebook website app. Had a lot of difficulty finding a way to pull up the latest 5 tumblr posts. So instead I added twitter integration. It now displays the latest 5 tweets.

Here are two screenshots:

DMA423 – Week 4

During the cancelled class I worked on a html layout for our facebook fan page, first draft can be seen at: Also got a Facebook App id.

Quick update, took two screenshots of the website on our facebook fan page.

DMA423 – Week 3

For week 3 I modified the We Are Warped tumblr theme to include Leo’s website link, and a link to Warped Tours YouTube page. Plus some other minor theme edits. Worked on our facebook page. Setup a flickr account so that one of the widgets works on

DMA423 – Week 2

Joined Jessie, Megan, and Leo’s group, purchased and worked on a theme for our production blog.