DMA411: Futurama Booklet

The final project for Daniel’s section was a 12 page booklet on any subject we wanted. Being a huge Futurama fan I chose it. The thing that took the longest was finding images that were 300 dpi.
Here’s the final submitted PDF of my Futurama Booklet.

DMA411: GQ Cover

Wow almost two months since I’ve posted anything..

For our 2nd last project in Daniels section of DMA411 we had to make a cover for the GQ Magazine. Here’s my version with Anna Paquin aka Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.

DMA411: Exercise 1 Magazine Layouts

For our only exercise before the final project with Aviva we had to make a double page spread with any article we found interesting. Also we had to come up with our own grid. I chose a two column grid, with a 1/8 inch spacing. As for the article I selected one that I’ve been trying to keep up on about Mac Malware. It’s a little scary that a crimeware kit has been created to allow for Mac botnets.. If you don’t know what a botnet is I highly recommend reading up on it..

Here’s a screenshot of my layout:





While procrastinating earlier today I made some sadMac backgrounds. One with this url “” in the background, which I highly recommend ๐Ÿ˜€ and one without.. You can add them to your background collection by clicking this link: