Final Projects for Semester 3

Since a couple blogs have posted updates since Semester 3 ended I think I should do the same.

There are really only two projects that I can post here, the other I most likely won’t get back but I don’t mind..

First up the one I am most proud of and put the most effort into. My DMA355 Oakley Sunglasses website for Advanced Flash!
For this project we had to take 4 pairs of mens and womens glasses from the lifestyle and sport section. Use what we did in class to make a website showcasing the 8 different sunglasses. Most people did theirs strictly in flash, which is what Andrew wanted, but since I started early I wanted to do a different approach, one that I could turn into a portfolio item. So of course I made it into a website. All valid xhtml too, I checked every page@! But by far the coolest feature I made is grabbing all the information for the sunglasses from a database using MySQL and PHP. I took it a step further by adding in a simple admin area where you can edit the information for each. I think the hardest part was getting the 3D video of the sunglasses to work, that took a couple hours to figure out. So yea, take a look the link is

Second is my final 3D project, I will say I could have done something more complex, but I spent most of my time on flash ๐Ÿ˜€ Not much to say about the video, it pretty much speaks for itself.. One thing to be aware of though, it has a clip of Dethklok (a band) in it. You’ve been warned. It really adds that needed effect to the video!

DMA355: Digital Clock Project

Our latest assignment given to us this past Tuesday was to make a digital clock that looks similar to:Digital Alarm Clock Asset

I had everything except the 12 or 24 hour clock figured out as of 2:45am this morning. But at that point I wasn’t thinking straight, and was messing things up so I stopped. Got some rest and while trying to fall asleep it dawned on me. Since I can’t run a function inside of a function (tried it) why not have a selection at frame 1 of either 12 or 24 hours. When someone clicks on the “12hrs” button it takes them to frame 5 where it shows the correct day, time and hours -12 if applicable. If you click “24hrs” it takes you to frame 10 and shows the same clock without subtracting 12 hrs, and the ampm value equals nothing. Whether the visitor clicks on “12hrs” or “24hrs” show the same two buttons at the bottom so they can switch between both clocks. Changed that this afternoon, after talking with fellow classmates at my b-day party last night I figured out how to fix things… The regular 12hr clock is the default, the 24hr clock is on frame 5 and yea, a simple gotoAndStop(5); and viola!

Spent about 20 or 30 minutes adding and troubleshooting that, got it. Then I was finished! But being picky as I am I distributed stuff to different layers and cleaned up the code. Of course I left in my quirky and sometimes angry comments in ;). Made the background smaller and added a slight fade to it on the sides. Had lunch and watched the latest Bones episode. After seeing that smart sniper episode I created the correct html file to go along with the clock and uploaded it. Tested it on four different computers one of those being my MacBook and then finally posted it on basecamp and twitter at pretty much the same time. Not to be an ass kisser but I am first ๐Ÿ˜›

Here’s the final product:
EDIT: Still a little surprised that only Andres and I have posted our clocks, granted his doesn’t work exactly as it should but it works..

DMA355: Oakley Stage 2

Started work on this around 9:30pm never finished until a little after 6am. Thanks to Megan I was able to complete it.. It’s not without it’s flaws though, but it works! Feels weird being @ Seneca on a Friday, the library is packed, had a hard time finding a pc, wasn’t even going to bother trying to get a mac.. Oh Gerards back, I’m out.