Final Projects for Semester 3

Since a couple blogs have posted updates since Semester 3 ended I think I should do the same.

There are really only two projects that I can post here, the other I most likely won’t get back but I don’t mind..

First up the one I am most proud of and put the most effort into. My DMA355 Oakley Sunglasses website for Advanced Flash!
For this project we had to take 4 pairs of mens and womens glasses from the lifestyle and sport section. Use what we did in class to make a website showcasing the 8 different sunglasses. Most people did theirs strictly in flash, which is what Andrew wanted, but since I started early I wanted to do a different approach, one that I could turn into a portfolio item. So of course I made it into a website. All valid xhtml too, I checked every page@! But by far the coolest feature I made is grabbing all the information for the sunglasses from a database using MySQL and PHP. I took it a step further by adding in a simple admin area where you can edit the information for each. I think the hardest part was getting the 3D video of the sunglasses to work, that took a couple hours to figure out. So yea, take a look the link is

Second is my final 3D project, I will say I could have done something more complex, but I spent most of my time on flash ๐Ÿ˜€ Not much to say about the video, it pretty much speaks for itself.. One thing to be aware of though, it has a clip of Dethklok (a band) in it. You’ve been warned. It really adds that needed effect to the video!

DMA344: Metalocalypse 3D Animated Logo

After a couple mishaps with the previous versions I finished my Metalocalypse animation last night. Sitting in the TEL Building open lab, so much has changed since I was last here. Glad to see that the freedom toaster is still around ๐Ÿ™‚



Off to follow a tutorial on svn now.. Oh and before I forget, I’ll be at FlashinTO tonight, doing sign ups and such. Anyone reading this should stop by, free beer and pizza.. Need I say more? ๐Ÿ˜‰

DMA344: Metalocalypse 3D Logo Assignment

For 3D Class we had to take a 2D logo and make it 3D. I originally wanted to do the Deadmau5 logo but it was around 5 or so shapes and was too easy. So I kept searching and eventually came across the Metalocalypse Logo. Sent it to the prof. Gavin and got the go ahead. Worked on it over a span of a week and just last night started adding the bevels and textures.
Since it was a snow day today, I, after shoveling snow tackled the words “Metalocalypse” that go above the logo. That took about an hour or so to get perfect. Had to redo the M as it wouldn’t fill properly even after welding everything twice..

Then about two hours ago I was reading over the pdf to make sure I got everything and forgot that the letters should use an extrude instead of a bevel.. Changed them all to extrude and it looks better. Solved a problem I had too.. You’ll notice it in the gallery below. Even if you don’t, I pointed it out.

Off to shave and then it’s straight to bed. Have to be up at 6:20am for work..