DMA322: Custom Header Issues

Wanting to get something easy out-of-the-way yesterday I figured I’d take the 10 minutes needed and add the things due this Monday for Crisps class. After adding the links I went to add a custom header as I have done on many other websites including this one.. I remember Crisp said in class that the zenit techs didn’t compile php with jpg or jpeg support, so it was no surprise to me when it failed. Before everyone goes emailing Crisp or tweeting me I figured I should make this handy-dandy work around.
Let’s begin!

Step 1: Find an image you want to use for the custom header. It can be anything (within reason).
Step 2: Open Photoshop, MS Paint or whatever application you have available and resize the image. It should be around 720 pixels wide by 180 pixels in height (720×180). Otherwise your header image will be huge and make your blog look weird and possibly n00bish.
Step 3: This step isn’t required but highly recommended. With Photoshop still open make a smaller version of the header image maybe 200 pixels in width and the corresponding height. Save it with the same name as the image made in Step 2 but add “-thumb” before the file extension. This is so you can see the image on the Header page.
Step 4: Open FileZilla or your preferred FTP application. Log on to the zenit server and go to this path: public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/tarski3/headers. Let me break this path down. public_html is where files go that you want visitors to see. wordpress is the directory name I’m assuming you used, it may vary.. wp-content is the WordPress directory where all your content goes. Examples: themes, plugins, uploads, images, videos, etc.. themes is where your themes are located and edited. tarksi3 is the theme we installed in class, again this folder name may vary, mines tarski. headers is the folder where all the header images are stored.
Step 5: Navigate in the left area of FileZilla and locate the image(s) that you resized for your header in Step 2. Drag over or double-click to upload the image(s) to the “headers” folder.
Step 6: Login to your WordPress admin area. An example link is: .
Step 7: Locate the “Appearance” tab on the left and then click on “Header”. If everything went well you should see your header thumbnail. Or a broken image if you didn’t make the thumbnail.
Step 8: Click on the radio button to the left of the image thumbnail and click “Save Changes”.
Step 9: If you click the link on the top left of your blog it will bring you to the main page where you can see your stylish new custom header image!
Step 10: Pass the link to this post onto others who need help:

On a side note, I find it interesting how hardly anybody has posted on their blogs this semester..

PHP Calculator

So I was bored earlier this week and tweeted that I had finished the calculator for dma322. Which is available here:

I was going through some files to try and free up space 20 minutes ago and remembered I had attempted to make my own calculator a couple weeks ago. Opened up the file and made it work! Give it a try ๐Ÿ˜€

Update on February 12th: On Monday I came up with a fix to mostly everyones problem with using header location in the calculator script. Meta refresh! I actually walked over to Crisp and told him I had a fix that is working for everyone I’ve helped so far. So he let me add it in on his computer. After that he asked what I knew about php and other things that we will be learning in his class. I know them all, and have installed them at one time or another. Showed him my picture site that I haven’t updated in ions. He liked it and the design I used from zenphotos vast selection of themes.. When I say vast I mean few.. I wish they had themes like WordPress does.. But meh. As far as I know I’ll be getting an advanced standing in dma322 and will be the only lab monitor. Not sure if I have to wear that horrendous lab monitor shirt or not. Hoping I don’t have to. Then there’s the question of compensation, not sure what’s happening with that either.. All will be revealed Monday!