DMA244: Final Video / Converting your final video for youtube

The screening yesterday was awesome, I was really surprised with some of the first year videos. I had seen some of the second year videos *cough* angry asians *cough* and Brown & Browner. I wouldn’t have seen them if we didn’t run into problems and had to pull the second all nighter for me in one week. But overall the second year videos were good too.

I know most people are going to put their videos on youtube and then their production blogs, but what happens if it’s over the 2gb limit? You can try converting it with formatfactory which for me was an hour I wish I had back. Then I googled and found a way that would cost $30 to purchase quick time pro. I figured I’d see what I could do with the regular quick time and under file select save as and choose what format you’d like to use.. Not sure if this works on windows but it is converting now on this mac.

Here’s our final video:

DMA244: 1 Minute Video

I was going to post last night before going to bed but it was 3am and I was dead tired.. So here we go.. For my groups project we had a 3D rockstar can modeled by Josh that after falling into toxic waste goes on a killing rampage taking out Graeme and then myself. Fun project, and we finished just in time too..

It only took about 305 minutes to upload the 1.3gb final video, with killa outtakes. Here it is:

Back to working on my Oakley flash project

DMA244: Green Screen Video

Here’s our green screen video. It’s called 80’s Nightmare ๐Ÿ˜€

We got 9/10 the highest mark in the class@!!1121211one

DMA244: HD Video Notes

For anyone who wants them here’s a link to my notes on the hd cameras It’s a google doc, going to try it this semester. So far I’m liking it, I have everything in folders and I can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection ๐Ÿ™‚