DMA234: Android App

Here’s everything I have so far for the Android App Project:

DMA234: Jack’s Back!

For Tedford Tuesday we had to make banner ads in 6 different sizes for Jack Bauer of 24.

The title of this post is misleading because 24 is over, which is good because I never really liked that show anyway..

Before I hit post, so far out of the 4 people who have sent their emails my links were the only ones that worked ๐Ÿ˜› booya..

DMA234: Bonefish Art Gallery Mockups

I was finished earlier until I read the version 2 pdf. Made the appropriate changes and it’s finally done. I had fun working on this project, used a lot of skills I learned this semester so far plus a lot I learned at my previous job. Also I’ve added watermarks because I can…

Here are some more pictures of changes I made in class:

DMA234: Sprint Smart Phone Images

Here are my two versions of the Sprint Smart Phone:

And yes I did remove the background on the slanted version. As Andrew pointed out the black tape that holds it in place shouldn’t be there..
Billable Time: 30 minutes.