DMA233: Project 3 – Typographic Poster

Sadly after going to class she hated all except the first one which I put the most time into. She did the same to pretty much everyone else so it didn’t feel too bad. Made two completely different posters. Not sure which I’ll print off tomorrow. It’s a tie between one and two atm. I might do both..

Hopefully everyone makes it in today, snowing outside.. Should be fun driving home @ 9pm tonight.. There was little snow in Mississauga when I left @ 6:50am this morning. Glad I left early..

DMA233: Project 3 – Typographic Poster Almost Finished

Finished all three posters just now with 40 minutes to spare ๐Ÿ˜€

Since I forgot the one posted below at home I re-did it. Wasn’t too hard to do and of course I made improvements..

For this project the obscure word I used was Sciamachy which means fighting with a shadow, or with an imaginary enemy. Really funnai if you ask me!

Here they are:

Time to relax..

DMA233: Project 3 – Typographic Poster

Just finished finalizing one of my typographic posters. This as of now is the one I will be submitting.

For this project my obscure word is sciamachy. It’s so obscure that google chrome thinks it’s spelled wrong.. heh..

Will update this post when I have the other two done..

DMA233: Project 2 – Music Brochure

Just finished perfecting and printing off my final music brochure’s. I did the soon to be released Daft Punk album which is the score for Tron:Legacy. For those of you who don’t know I am a huge Daft Punk fan, and own legally every record they’ve made. Can’t wait to purchase this one! I’m done with an hour to spare too, which for me doesn’t happen often :D.

Here are the three concepts we had to create. Concept #1 is what I’m submitting..

On a side note I updated the theme last night. I am still working out some font issues but overall this is a well needed change. I hated the flash post tags widget because it interferes when you look at an image. Should have this months header backup sometime today.. All fixed. Victory is mine! ๐Ÿ˜€

DMA233: Exercise 2 – Quotations

So after hours of trying to find a good gunpowder effect in photoshop; I gave up. Went through countless brushes not finding anything I liked.. So I went for the 2nd best thing….. Fonts!
Now, being 50 minutes later I am done. I feel so relived to have it done over 12 hours before class unlike last week :D.

Here it is with a watermark so that any slackers can’t steal it and call it their own..

I do have 3 versions, but I’m only posting one. Need sleep.