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Ice Storm 2013

To see my photos from the Ice Storm of December 21 – 22, 2013 please go to:

Ice Storm of 2013

Tree Branch on Hydro WiresJust thought I’d provide a quick update on the Ice Storm that hit Toronto and surrounding areas. In South Mississauga, we were hit pretty bad. I’d estimate a 1/4″ of ice on everything. So much so that my neighbours tree had a large branch break off and hit a power line. Then another power line further down had a small electrical fire because it shorted out. Finally, the tree branch fell further down on the power line. So needless to say there is no power here yet. This all happened before 12pm, our powers been out since 10:30am and at 8pm the time of this posting it is still out. UPDATE: Power came back on around 3:30am, took a crew about two hours to fix everything..

GeneratorThankfully we have a generator that is hard at work outside to keep our fridge and freezer cold. Next up is heaters in our rooms for 30 minutes each so we can sleep kind of warm tonight.

I made a small gallery with the photos I took today:

X-Mas List 2013

Oh hai there, welcome to my X-Mas list for 2013.

BTLS – Dick Dynasty album: $19.99 — Hurry, could possibly be sold out soon. Bubba only made a 1,000 copies.

Rock deflector for my 2008 Mazda3, more info to come.

SSD Mount for the 2012 MacBook Pro: $39.99 —

Other books by Charles Hall, I own the first one —

Futurama Volume 8 Blu-ray: $32.99 —

Dilbert Calendar for 2014.

iTunes / App Store gift card. Any amount is fine, will be used probably for in app purchases.