Website Launches and GoPros

Mazda3 - GoPro #1This past Wednesday I went to BestBuy and bought the Silver GoPro, with the suction cup attachment. Was primarily going to use it to record my driving, but would love to put it on my Cat Pickles and take tons of wide angle pics..

I’ve got a couple videos ready to upload to youtube, I just have to take out the license plates. Video can be seen below. Going to try out 60FPS @ 720P tomorrow, can’t wait.

Applewood United Church Version 4Launched version 4 of my Churches website last Sunday, It is a complete overhaul of version 3. With this version the homepage layout has been revamped, it uses less plugins than any other version and is responsive! It’s such a delight to see it live. On the first day we had 227 visits!

Off to remove some license plates, until next time…

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