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The Year 2011

At first I was torn, should I write a year-end post or just carry on with the monthly posts. But after having three cups of coffee in the hopes of finishing off my internship for Jasmine I said fuck it! Let’s do this!! sure why not..

For me 2011 is a year I won’t ever forget. I graduated from Seneca’s DMA program with honours, a month later got a paid internship, and then hired full-time. Oh yeah, I guess I might as well announce it now, when I go back to work on Monday I am a full-time employee at Baby Robot!! Not sure what my exact title is, but if I had to guess it would be Junior Developer ๐Ÿ™‚ What else what else, I’ve been moved from the alley to one of the developer pods. Even though BR (BR = BabyRobot) isn’t on the fall tour because it’s fairly new, it is one of the trendier places to work. No we don’t have a slide or beer on tap (yet), there is however wine down every Friday @ 4pm. There have been times when Carlo has told me to go get a beer, while I was going through a 122 page copy deck.. Overall the best place to start my career!

Not exactly sure what I’ll be doing on New years yet, but these things usually fall into place.. Sadly this year they fell through.. But I do have the first season of Stargate Atlantis to keep me company!

Oh and those of you wondering about artXed I am working on restoring it sometime today or tomorrow have a lot of files to disinfect still.

Until mid to late January…Have a Happy New Year!!

December 2011

Time flies when your working.. I can attest to that! That’s one of many excuses I am sticking to for the lack of a November post.

Nothing too radical has happened from October to now.. I was planning on going to FlashinTO for November but alas none of my other friends went so instead I prepared for the company holiday party. Never wore a bowtie or played roulette until that Thursday night..

Been keeping busy with my internship at BabyRobot. If you didn’t click that link then you wouldn’t have seen the new splash page that I got the honour to upload ๐Ÿ™‚

Going to introduce some new items to talk about each month, like what music I’m currently listening to non-stop, and some new pictures for now..

For December I am digging the new Justice Album, I probably play it way too much. My LastFM tweet on Monday reflected that: Justice (86). Audio, Video, Disco is a lot different than Cross. Correction, it’s not a lot different, it’s like a change of genre! Although I do love it. Right now the song I have been humming is New Lands, it’s almost as if it was made to hum..

The picture that stands out the most in the past two months is something that happened on Monday. My ’99 Civic Si reached the 300,000 km mark! I was on Kipling Avenue on my way to Kipling Subway Station when I saw the kms at 299,999. Turned onto the nearest road and drove down it and half way back when it happened ๐Ÿ™‚ Pulled over, turned off the engine (the legal way), and then snapped this picture:

Great things happening in 2012! Hope everyone has a great Holiday!