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October 2011 Updates

I’m going to force myself to get into the habit of posting every month! There’s nothing worse than a blog that isn’t updated regularly..

Now that I’m finished DMA @ Seneca I was offered a paid internship at a downtown web design company called BabyRobot, in late September. I’ve been there for three weeks now and I am loving it! Many thanks go out to Andrew Tedford for giving me the introduction.

I’m a Junior Web Developer and for now I’m doing website maintenance, but I have used my skills to make other neat things..

I’ll be doing my best to attend any Seneca events like FlashInTO or if there’s a Ninja Pub @ York. Hope to see some familiar faces.. Not sure if there will be a FlashInTO for October because of AndroidinTO but I could be wrong hope I am wrong..

Until next month..

Photos for October 2011