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DMA423 – Week 4

During the cancelled class I worked on a html layout for our facebook fan page, first draft can be seen at: Also got a Facebook App id.

Quick update, took two screenshots of the website on our facebook fan page.

DMA455: Butterfly Wine Label

For this second project we had to take the output from the hype framework and incorporate it into a wine label. Finally put the label on a wine bottle made in illustrator or 3ds max.

I did mine in illustrator, chose a Cabernet Sauvignon since most people used Merlot.

Here’s my gallery of pictures throughout the production process:

DMA423 – Week 3

For week 3 I modified the We Are Warped tumblr theme to include Leo’s website link, and a link to Warped Tours YouTube page. Plus some other minor theme edits. Worked on our facebook page. Setup a flickr account so that one of the widgets works on

DMA423 – Week 2

Joined Jessie, Megan, and Leo’s group, purchased and worked on a theme for our production blog.

DMA455: Project001 – Butterfly

For this first project we had to use the hype framework and butterflies to generate art. Here’s what I made:

I got the butterfly images from google. Links to all three:
1st Butterfly, 2nd Butterfly, 3rd Butterfly

Ran into some issues as well, flash sort of freaked out and started copying two images I had loaded into the library. After I restarted flash I got a lot of errors when trying to preview the swf.

You might also want to check out my other work from yesterday and earlier this week.

Score Hockey School

Score Hockey School

Description: A local Hockey School wanted an updated website that can easily be updated.
Completion Date: May 2011