Archives for January 2011

DMA244: HD Video Notes

For anyone who wants them here’s a link to my notes on the hd cameras It’s a google doc, going to try it this semester. So far I’m liking it, I have everything in folders and I can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection ๐Ÿ™‚

DMA355: Oakley Stage 2

Started work on this around 9:30pm never finished until a little after 6am. Thanks to Megan I was able to complete it.. It’s not without it’s flaws though, but it works! Feels weird being @ Seneca on a Friday, the library is packed, had a hard time finding a pc, wasn’t even going to bother trying to get a mac.. Oh Gerards back, I’m out.

A Couple More Pics from my DSLR

Was working on my “Cube” pc today and I took a some pictures of it. Sadly only two are worthy of posting but I may have more soon..