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DMA233: Exercise 2 – Quotations

So after hours of trying to find a good gunpowder effect in photoshop; I gave up. Went through countless brushes not finding anything I liked.. So I went for the 2nd best thing….. Fonts!
Now, being 50 minutes later I am done. I feel so relived to have it done over 12 hours before class unlike last week :D.

Here it is with a watermark so that any slackers can’t steal it and call it their own..

I do have 3 versions, but I’m only posting one. Need sleep.

DMA205: Nissan Project Updated

Realized I was doing the radial gradient all wrong… Was suppose to be part of the background, duh. It’s finished and uploaded on artXed:

Now to work on Aviva’s stuff just like last week… ugh..

DMA205: Nissan Project

When I left class the project was 90% complete, just finished adding the final touches. to take a look. P.S. don’t bother trying to steal my source I password protected the .swf file with over 40 random characters ๐Ÿ˜‰

You might want to click this link as well..

Now to concur aviva’s typography project.. ugh…

DMA234: Sprint Smart Phone Images

Here are my two versions of the Sprint Smart Phone:

And yes I did remove the background on the slanted version. As Andrew pointed out the black tape that holds it in place shouldn’t be there..
Billable Time: 30 minutes.