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Week 7

I would have blogged earlier but I decided to sleep in today until after 1pm ๐Ÿ˜€ This past week has been crazy. Mainly because of the mid-term test in psy204 and the 5 -7 page long research paper that was due. I like mostly everyone else procrastinated about the research paper until the last day or night in my case. It was tuesday night at around 8pm, I had just finished supper and was ready to get started. So I went and got some tea on the go along with a diet pepsi (355mL can). Then I remembered that when I bought my Bubba Wonka almost a year ago that they threw in a free packet of fein. Fein is like chugging two red bulls but it’s in a white crystal form. For me it wasn’t taste less when I tried some but once I added it to my diet pepsi it was tasteless.. At any rate man that fein sure did help a lot, I was able to get focused and write my fingers off until they were numb. On my big i7 quad pc I typed over 10,000 keystrokes at one point according to whatpulse. In the end I finished the paper with about 5 and 1/4 pages worth of data. Got to school, printed it off with the bibliography I made @ central library in Mississauga and made a simple title page. That was that. Took the 50 multiple choice question mid-term even with the 30 second tremor seneca had. About that at first I thought it was just because I was highly caffeinated but once I saw Megan’s water shaking I knew it wasn’t me, and not too long after others thought the same thing.. It only took the principal or whoever she is about 40 or so minutes to come on with this alarm that startled me saying we had experienced a tremor. She said that verything was fine as far as they could tell and that they’d update us if any new information arises.

Once the mid-term was over we had over 2 hours to do nothing. So I worked on a new clients website I had gotten the day before; Jessie and Diana worked on the dma101 image tracing project. I got a lot done on the new clients website, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t have the all-in-one-seo pack, secure wordpress and the captcha plugin for contact-form-7 to name a few.

When Adrian arrived from convocation he showed us how to make a simple video. With Bob and some woman whom he’s bothering.. LIke he said in the first few days of class after taking this class you’ll never see tv or movies the same way. He was so right; everytime I watch a show on tv or my mac it’s all I see. Anyways he showed us how to have the crazy lady saying saying something like Who is it and what the hell do you want and then have Bob say it’s me Bob in two clips side by side. Pretty cool imo how easy that is to do.. After class we showed Adrian our Murder Drive Trailer and he liked it! He wanted to make sure that we didn’t add the black gaps while he was teaching today because he showed us that and hated it in those slasher flicks.. We didn’t, it was added almost two weeks ago.. The only suggestion he had was to adjust the colour correction on my film debut clip ;). And I would like to redo the voice over for it as well.. Not a big fan of it myself, will have to see what the others think..

Yesterday was a big let down. I got up at 8:30am for nothing. Got to seneca @ 10am like Jessie but nobody else showed up, yes I’m talking to you Gerard and Megan!!! Of course we made good use of our time, and got started on the next sound project for Fred. Since I didn’t think we’d be doing any other work than the dma179 toronto photo assignment I didn’t bring my flash drive or portable hard drive. So when we were finished I had to make a mad dash to the book store and get a 4gb kingston flash drive for $16.95 such a rip off. Ran into Mr. Muscles, I know that’s not his name but I honestly don’t know it. I’ll make a better initiative to do so after reading week.. Turned in the key to room 1088 and got on the go bus to get home.

Coming up this week I have to redo the t-rex colour guide for dma179, work on those two tracing assignments for dma101 and a surprise assignment for dma188 that Joe B. still hasn’t posted. I just checked to confirm that.. Off to drive my sister to work and drop off the audio cd @ church. So until next time..

Week 6, DMA179 T-Rex Style Guide

After about three hours of taking pictures, picking fonts and colour’s my t-rex style guide for the ROM is complete!

Now it’s time for supper then the dreaded psy204 essay :S

Week 6, DMA144

Worked out asses off today in room 1092 and finished our 1 minute trailer. Of course half way through we realized that it’s not due until July 21st!! Thankfully that gives us time to make it even better!

Also go check out the website for the Murder Drive Movie

Last updated: July 13, 2010 @ 10:14pm. Fixed the last scene it had a grey white bar on the left side. Also added a sound effect for my “Who would do such a thing?” to make it more real..

Week 6

Week 6 has been a long week, considering that it’s only three days.. On monday we had tests in both of Joe B’s classes. The tracing test went pretty good, I’m glad I remembered how to duplicate the tire treads.. I don’t know about the dma188 test though, I think I did alright. Should know on Monday.
Tuesday was a good day handed in our soundscape to Fred. He played all of them in class and marked them too. Of course Jessie, Gerard (lol) and I got perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ I was surprised when Fred asked our group what track we used for the intro and outro music. I told him it was on the album by Celldweller called Soundtrack for the Voice in my Head Vol. 2 Chapter 1. Not sure if he got all that but I hope he did. Klayton makes some really good music for movies, soundscapes, etc :). After a loong dma133 class we proceeded to the editing room to work on our 1 minute movie. Jessie had the idea of making a trailer of our final movie for this project. It’s coming along slowly. We are all still learning the program, most of the time it’s spent messing around with fcp until we figure it out. Were suppose to meet tomorrow around 10am but Diana can’t make it because of class, so it might be delayed.. I have to work on the last scene with a graphic for our movie. I’d say a little more but I don’t want to spoil it…

If we finish our 1 minute trailer tomorrow I’ll be sure to post it. But right now I’ve gotta get those dam traces done for dma133.. ugh, hate that class.

Now running wordpress 3.0. I won’t upgrade all my sites to 3.0 until they release 3.0.1 with numerous bug fixes, this happens all the time.

Week 5, DMA179

After a long day yesterday of trial and error I realized that my t-rex tooth looked more like a sharks fin. So I restarted again today for the 3rd time. As they say 3rd times the charm ๐Ÿ™‚

T-Rex Tooth Super Sculpey Project
Step 1: Make a Wire Frame. I used a metal coat hanger.

Step 2: Make a model of the t-rex tooth with tin foil.

Step 3: Add Super Sculpey and sculpt the tooth.

Step 4: Bake in the oven.

Step 5: Paint the now baked tooth with Primer.

Step 6: Paint the tooth brown and add the final touches.
All that’s left is to add in features like the ridges along the sides and smooth it out some more. Then bake and paint. Bought the paints this morning from Canadian Tire cost around $12 for the clear coat and a white primer in spray can format.. Annd that’s it. I had a fun time working on this. Hope to do it again sometime on my own ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s good I didn’t leave this t-rex tooth until the last minute because I’m not too artistic. It takes me double the time it takes others..

Week 5

Week 5 went by pretty fast as most of the previous weeks have. Finished our Sound Scape for DMA155. Since mostly everyone should be finished theirs by now ours is a bank robbery with lots of gun fights and a smashing ending!

In DMA144 Adrian played our video first, which I didn’t want to happen but oh well.. The video has been done for over a week with transitions and music ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very glad we got perfect on it.

Looked for prices of the Super Scupley today. Curry’s has it listed for $18.95 per pound on their website. Michaels on the other hand didn’t so I stopped by before heading to sq1 and its $21.99 for a pound. Damn expensive imo. Will probably find someone to in halfzies with me and I’ll pick it up probably tomorrow when I’m out doing house calls (tech support).

Friday will be fun filming begins on our final video. I have to dress up since I may have a roll to play ๐Ÿ™‚ But mostly I will be doing the editing and such, which is where I feel the most comfortable.

Earlier today the server where this is hosted was under some sort of attack, so since this blog is very precious to me I’m in the process of setting it up elsewhere. I have to setup rsync and some other stuff. But for now it works. To take a gander head on over to At the moment is using the mysql from this server. Shortly I’ll setup a script to empty the contents of wp-posts and re-import it all and cp the uploads directory in wp-content on a daily basis. It will be a day behind but it’s better than nothing.

Finished the SoundScape Project on Friday, after reading the instructions we noticed that there had to be intro / outro music. Thankfully the new Celldweller Songs for the Voices in my Head Vol. 2 Chapter 1 dropped the day before.. Have a listen ๐Ÿ™‚

Flash required

Updating the blog in a few minutes to wordpress 3 rc3, which was released last night while filming was taking place.. All done, now to do the same on the backup site.