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Week 4

To start week 4 off I have my two sketches for DMA179 inspired by Tim Burton. I like his style of drawing it’s very deranged with an emphasis on detail.

First up we have: Middle Aged Angry Dorito Guy

This sketch was based on the Edward Scissor hands piece. I went for long and weird hands. His V like shape was just a coincidence. Doritos popped into my head and I added some dots and light shading and MAADG was born!


Carl The Zombie Lizard

I have a fascination with Zombie’s (who will one day walk the earth!) and this was the perfect time to make a zombie. The lizard part was added after I made a fly and thought of lizards, added a tongue and Carl’s ready to go brain hunting..

My T-Rex Mind Map:

4 Drawings done In Class:
Yes I now see I spelled Sentinel wrong..   Never finished it so I added two stingers to the front..    

Week 3

And tomorrow week 3 is over for me! How about that two days ๐Ÿ˜›

First up here is my interpretation of Red Riding Hood. Stripper Style

Here’s the mind map I came up with for Red Riding Hood

Don’t mind the Evil Gnomes, especially the one giving the finger…

Week 3 was short. On Tuesday we got another assignment in art class. We have to take photos and use some of the best that capture specific terms ex. depth.. Before I even start on that I have to finish the square assignment, which for me is very hard..

Spent most of yesterday with Jessie and Diana working on the DMA144 Project, its 98% done, we just have to add background music to it and remove us talking. I’ve got the music ready to add on monday ๐Ÿ™‚
Here are a couple pictures I took while editing the video:

There will be some short downtime, have to upgrade wordpress to version 3 rc1 :D. As with any upgrade I’ll backup the database and my files, bbs.. Upgrade complete, everything works ๐Ÿ™‚ Success!!

Week 2

Week two was pretty good. In DMA101 Joe had us draw cats faces. My first attempt wasn’t the greatest, but I did two more when I got home and they looked better.
On Tuesday I realized that everyone can draw but me. My Rabbit looked the worst, but that’s fine with me. I’m still learning…

Sketch Version of a Rabbit:

Painted Version of a Rabbit:

For some reason this image doesn’t show in some versions of FireFox. Until this can be fixed click this link.

Hopefully this is what Andrew Tedford wanted for our Super Hero Story..
Hugo the Super Hero
It all started on a dark and stormy night, Hugo was stumbling home from his friendโ€™s birthday party. Being very drunk he made his way into what he thought was his apartment building. Where he ended up though was an abandoned nuclear power plant. As he was stumbling around looking for his apartment he accidently fell into a large vat of radioactive material. After a couple hours Hugo awoke but something didnโ€™t feel right. He figured it was just the alcohol and went back to his apartment.
The next morning upon waking up Hugo looked in the mirror and was astonished at what he saw. He looked like his pet Iguana that he had petted the night before. Still not sure what was going on Hugo decided to find his cat Pickles and try to pet her. After petting Pickles he ran to the mirror to see himself transforming into a cat. It was at this point that Hugo wondered how he would transform himself back into a human. After locating a picture of himself he touched it with his paw and sure enough he transformed back. Now that Hugo knew he was a shape shifter he needed a super hero name and settled on Morpheus, the shape shifting super hero!

Went to Seneca today (Thursday) and finished the DMA155 Peter Piper project. Don’t use room 1094, no output from the mac.. Was a lot easier than I expected.

Website changes: Changed the font face. I really hate the times new roman look which is what the TwentyTen theme came with. It’s all been updated to Arial / Helvetica.. I’ll probably do more changes this coming Friday. The theme needs to be more colourful. Plain black and white is just bleh..

Welcome to

I just want to welcome everyone to my blog for Seneca’s DMA Program. Unlike most students this blog isn’t hosted on blogger or And it has its own domain as well ๐Ÿ™‚

My pictures will be on this blog as well in galleries. I don’t want to have all my work scattered on the internet. It’s better to have it all in one easy to use place ๐Ÿ™‚