Getting there…

At this point I’m about 80% finished, to go any further I needed to move this site.. So if you are reading this, the DNS has updated!

Time to divulge into some of my plans:

  • I’m going to try and blog more, a big stretch I know, given my previous track record ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • This form of the site will exist as a sub-domain.
  • Every site is getting an SSL certificate.

I think three items is enough to give away for now..

This will probably be my last post here. A little sad, but this site has sat dormant for long enough!

Theme Refresh

Over the past two months I’ve been working on a new purpose for this website.. Keeping it a blog doesn’t really seem to be working haha. So I’ll be turning it into a portfolio site!

All of these posts will still exist, have some details to iron out still but things are moving along at a good pace.

There are more goodies to show off, but for now, here’s my new logo:

In the mean time if you are looking for a new website or maintenance on a current WordPress website please tweet me @JoeMittler or fill out my contact form.

Until the theme refresh..

Return to Mixing

It’s been about three years since I made a mix worthy enough of going up on my soundcloud page. That is about to change! I’m settled into my apartment mostly now and finally have the time and motivation to start mixing again. New mixes won’t be like most of my others that were laid out in a mixing program like mix miester fusion, it will be live! I’m also moving away from DJ Entex, it was an okay name but I prefer my soundcloud and instagram name j03 and I own the domain I hope to have something up in the next two weeks. It will probably be short but good, if not great ๐Ÿ˜›

UPDATE: I have some songs picked out for a short mix, A couple songs need to be fixed up a bit which isn’t that hard… Can’t wait to get started!!

UPDATE #2: Mix went up on Saturday, I’m fairly proud of it.. Only took me two tries and a couple beers ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a listen, share it with your friends and download a copy for your music collection!

Ice Storm of 2013

Tree Branch on Hydro WiresJust thought I’d provide a quick update on the Ice Storm that hit Toronto and surrounding areas. In South Mississauga, we were hit pretty bad. I’d estimate a 1/4″ of ice on everything. So much so that my neighbours tree had a large branch break off and hit a power line. Then another power line further down had a small electrical fire because it shorted out. Finally, the tree branch fell further down on the power line. So needless to say there is no power here yet. This all happened before 12pm, our powers been out since 10:30am and at 8pm the time of this posting it is still out. UPDATE: Power came back on around 3:30am, took a crew about two hours to fix everything..

GeneratorThankfully we have a generator that is hard at work outside to keep our fridge and freezer cold. Next up is heaters in our rooms for 30 minutes each so we can sleep kind of warm tonight.

I made a small gallery with the photos I took today:

Website Launches and GoPros

Mazda3 - GoPro #1This past Wednesday I went to BestBuy and bought the Silver GoPro, with the suction cup attachment. Was primarily going to use it to record my driving, but would love to put it on my Cat Pickles and take tons of wide angle pics..

I’ve got a couple videos ready to upload to youtube, I just have to take out the license plates. Video can be seen below. Going to try out 60FPS @ 720P tomorrow, can’t wait.

Applewood United Church Version 4Launched version 4 of my Churches website last Sunday, It is a complete overhaul of version 3. With this version the homepage layout has been revamped, it uses less plugins than any other version and is responsive! It’s such a delight to see it live. On the first day we had 227 visits!

Off to remove some license plates, until next time…

Good for another 8 years

With GoDaddys recent downtime people were again jumping ship. I however wasn’t affected. I know their hosting isn’t the greatest so I host my stuff elsewhere. My domain was up during the outage, never had a problem. Then two days ago they sent an email to all their customers offering a 30% discount on anything.. Renewed for another year and since this domain is expiring I did the same…. But not for 1 year, for 8! Which takes me to September 22, 2020. It’s not like I’ll ever be getting rid of this domain, eh!
Quick update: Went on a renewal rampage heh, just renewed for another year!

Have you heard about i will Kill you if? It’s a thing we use to do in college, so one day I decided to make a website out of it one day in Crisp’s class. It was really only used by a couple friends and a couple guys from BabyRobot.. I made a WordPress beta version, which was cool but the site never really went anywhere.. But that’s about to change! I’ve decided to scrap however the site is done now and start over. Now I just need some motivation to do it!

Was thinking about the good ol’ days of blogging and decided to start putting down what I’m “doing”. I called it my doing script.. One of my first. Fairly simple stuff, I think initially I used a flat file but later moved it to a MySQL db.

Listening to: Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty
Doing: Renewing domains
Eating / Drinking: Water

Until next time..